Visual Content Usage Policy

1. Introduction

This policy aims to clarify the use of photos and images within Groupe Shokk inc., including those under Adobe license and those created by artificial intelligence (AI).

2. Use of Adobe Licensed Photos

2.1 Licenses and Rights: The photos used on our website and in our marketing materials may be licensed from Adobe. We ensure that all licensed photos are used in accordance with Adobe's licensing terms and conditions.

2.2 Compliance: We are committed to respecting copyright laws and using these images only in ways that comply with the license terms, including but not limited to commercial use restrictions and image modification conditions.

3. Use of AI-Generated Images

3.1 Source of Images: We may use images created by artificial intelligence (AI) for various purposes, including but not limited to marketing, communication, and presentation.

3.2 Ownership and Copyright: The AI-generated images we use are created in compliance with the terms and conditions of the AI tools employed (e.g., OpenAI for ChatGPT). We ensure that the use of these images does not violate copyright or other intellectual property rights.

3.3 Responsible Use: We commit to using AI-generated images ethically and responsibly, ensuring that the images are not misleading, inappropriate, or harmful.

4. Disclosure and Transparency

4.1 License Notice: When we use Adobe licensed photos or AI-generated images, we may indicate the source and type of license for transparency purposes.

4.2 User Information: Users of our website and recipients of our communications are informed that some images may be licensed or AI-generated, ensuring transparency about the origin of visual content.

5. Rights of Individuals

5.1 Content Removal: If you believe an image used on our website or in our communications infringes on your copyright or is inappropriate, please contact us immediately so we can evaluate and remove the content if necessary.

6. Policy Updates

This policy is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure it remains compliant with applicable laws and regulations as well as ethical practices. Any changes will be communicated to relevant parties appropriately.

7. Contact

For any questions regarding this policy or to report an issue related to the use of visual content, please contact us:


Groupe Shokk inc.

Effective Date: 01 / 04 / 2024 


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