What is my battery life?

It is not possible to accurately predict the life of a battery. Autonomy is influenced by many factors. Such as:

The level of assistance used;
The type of tires and their pressure;
Battery age and condition;
The profile (slopes) and nature (road surface) of the route;
The direction of the wind as well as the ambient temperature;
The weight of the bike, driver and luggage.

How do I properly store my battery in winter?

In order to store your battery for the winter, SHOKK technicians recommend charging the battery to 100% and taking it for a walk (between 5 and 10 Km) before storing it, making sure that the key is in the "OFF" position and placing it in a dry place where the temperature is above 18°C.
(No need to touch it during the winter)

How do I properly maintain my SHOKK battery?

Minimize the time the battery is either fully charged or fully discharged.
Do not charge the battery when it is hot. Wait 1-2 hours before charging.
Do not expose it to water or damp places.
Do not leave it near high temperature places.

What should I do at the start of the season?

Charge your battery for 12 hours before first use.

I have just had my battery reconditioned and it is not fully charged, is this normal?

Indeed, when we carry out work on a battery, the latter is in storage mode when we deliver it to customers.


Starts with your battery purchase.
Conditional that the battery has been handled, maintained and stored properly by the owner and according to the notices and instructions mentioned at the time of purchase.
Excludes damage due to fault or negligence in servicing the battery and its components or resulting from use not in accordance with owner's notices to owner and SHOKK owner's guide.
Excludes any modifications made by the owner or anyone other than a SHOKK technician.

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